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We welcome anyone passionate about freelancing, soloprenuership, small business ownership, and startup life to write for us.

Heya! Welcome to Best Freelancer Tools.

If you’re reading this, i’m guessing that you’re interested in publishing a guest post on Groovy. 

We’re happy to collaborate with anyone and everyone, as long as you follow the rules. Our existing content has some serious standards for quality and relevance, and we aim to keep it that way. 

First things first, our audience.

Our Audience 

Our audience is made up of new and OG freelancers alike. Most are soloprenuers and are taking on every aspect of being a business owner all by themselvevs. These folks are creative, resilient, sometimes stressed out, and looking for smart and cost effective ways to get ahead. They come to BFT from all over the world and have a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences.

Content Topics We Accept

  • Freelancing, being a freelancer
  • Soloprenuership
  • Small business ownership
  • Consulting
  • Startup life 
  • Quitting a job and transitioning into freelancing

Types of Content We Love

  • Personal stories about any of the topics above with a clear takeaway
  • How to guides that explore a common problem and teach a new skillset
  • Checklists or templates with explainations that can be used to get stuff done
  • Relevant opinion pieces on huge developments in the freelancing world
  • In depth reviews of common products designed specifically to help freelancers or soloprenuers
  • Productivity or effectiveness hacks for new business owners

Editorial Guidelines

  • Content must be atleast 1500 words.
  • 100% original, no reusing an old post on our site. We will check through Copyscape.  
  • You must use atleast 4 unique subheadings in the content.
  • Content can’t be too similar to what already exists on the site, please search through the blog before submitting your topic.
  • Free from any spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Must be focused on atleast one relevant keyword that our audience is likely to be searching. 
  • You can include one link back to your website in your author bio. This will be a dofollow link.

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