Best Free & Paid Video Editing Software For Freelancers In 2023

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As the freelancer industry grows in leaps and bounds, so does the need for top-notch video editing software. If you’re looking to make your videos stand out from the crowd and be as professional as possible in 2023, read on for our top picks for the best video editing software for freelancers!

What is video editing software?

Video editing software refers to computer programs that are used to manipulate video images, sounds, and effects. It enables individuals and businesses to edit films easily and add captions, transitions, effects, and soundtracks for a variety of professional video projects. This software can be used for anything from creating short highlight clips for social media campaigns to full-length feature films.

Video editing software comes in many forms, from basic consumer-grade versions meant for novice users all the way up to fully customizable professional packages with a steep learning curve. Most video editing software is based on non-linear editing (NLE) principles, meaning that you can compile various clips into one single “master” timeline and change them as necessary.

Video editing programs also vary in terms of their compatibility with various camera formats; most operate seamlessly with digital HD cameras but may require additional hardware or adapters to work with analog formats like VHS or 8mm film. Regardless of the format you’re using, modern video editing software offers advanced features such as motion tracking, chroma keying, and green screen technology which enable professionals to create high-quality digital graphics and effects. As the technology evolves further, so do the capabilities of video editing software, making it a must-have tool for any freelance video producer or filmmaker.

How video editing tools help freelancers

Video editing tools have become increasingly popular and accessible for freelancers who are looking to take their digital media projects to the next level. From creating cinematic films to producing professional-looking corporate videos, video editing tools provide a number of features that can help make the video production process much easier.

These tools can help freelance media professionals save time, resources, and money on their projects by providing helpful features such as pre-loaded templates and automated processes. Professional-grade video editings capabilities like transitions, color correction, layered trimming, keyframing and more make post-production easier than ever before. Additionally, modern video editing suites often come with AI enhancements that allow users access to advanced visual effects without having any programming experience.

Furthermore, many of these software tools offer additional capabilities in order to make the most of your projects. This includes productivity features like project tracking systems and collaborative workspaces for easy communication between collaborators. Thus, having the correct video editing tool can quite literally be the difference between a successful movie or show and an unsuccessful one.

Key features of great freelance video editing tools

When considering which video editing software package will best suit your freelance business needs, there are a few key features to consider.

  • Ease-of-use and intuitive nature of the software. Complex applications may take some extra effort to learn, but these can often come with powerful tools for experienced professionals. Alternatively, there are many intuitively designed video editing packages that cater specifically to beginner and intermediate freelancers.
  •  Access to a variety of codecs that ensure compatibility with as many devices and formats as possible. The more codecs your software supports, the more varied your options are when producing fresh video content for clients. As a professional freelancer, you’ll want to ensure your work is of top quality and can be easily viewed or shared by a wide audience.
  •  The range and flexibility of editing tools are key factors in deciding the right video editing package for you and your freelance business. For example, if you’re looking to add special effects or transition animations between video clips, then you’ll need an application with advanced features such as chroma keying or flame effects. Furthermore, flexibility should also extend to other factors, such as export settings, so that videos can be exported in various formats, including resolutions or framerates, or even file types (e.g., MP4).

With all these considerations in mind, it’s important for any freelancer seeking out video editing software packages to focus on the feature set that best fits their needs – both those they know now and those they may learn over time – along with ease of use when navigating different applications and ensuring their final product meets client expectations.

Top 5 free video editing software for freelancers in 2023

If you’re a freelancer looking for the best free video editing software, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We’ve done extensive research and compiled a brief list of some of the top contenders for 2023. Most of these programs are either completely free or offer a free version with advanced features available as a paid membership. From video capture to file compression to professional-grade color correction, these programs provide versatile and accessible editing tools for every skill level.

  1. Kdenlive: A simple and versatile non-linear video editor designed with both novice and expert users in mind. Its user-friendly interface provides plenty of options but remains easy to use, offering attractive transitions, compositing options, motion tracking, audio editing, and visual effects editing capabilities.
  2.  OpenShot: An open-source program that provides support for importing files from a variety of sources, including cameras, camcorders, and mobile devices. The timeline capabilities make it ideal for producing projects quickly and efficiently. The animation timeline helps you create smooth animations using keyframes, while automated tools help you find duplicated scenes or make better cuts in your footage quickly.
  3.  Lightworks: A comprehensive video editor offering film assembly tools, among other advanced features such as multicamera editorial tools, color grading tools, and film look effects, as well as waveform monitoring audio mixing capabilities. It has both cloud-enabled online collaboration possibilities and offline mode working solutions, making it suitable for both professionals as well as rookie interns on multimedia projects working remotely from home or on location in their region’s area networks.
  4.  FilmoraIdeal for someone wanting a powerful yet user-friendly program that doesn’t require learning complex operations beforehand; this program has storyboard functions that allow users to visually track their project progress while featuring transition effect templates mounted on drag-drop technology – hassle-free! It offers basic editing functions such as trimming clips and color correction along with 360-degree titles & various slow-motion effects to apply – highly recommended!
  5.  VideoPad: Intuitively designed for beginners just getting started in video Editing software, with useful One Stop Solution buttons appearing across the top, providing access needed to activities like creating videos from pictures/scratches & home videos quickly without worrying about technical details involved in capturing an object/setting – highly recommendable! Furthermore, its preview playback system allows videos to be scrolled thoroughly & renders output according to desired parameters selected before saving the final product into digital device/TV or media player standard formats – an allrounder!

Top 5 paid video editing software for freelancers in 2023

Nowadays, freelancers are creating more complex video content on a consistent basis. Video editing software is the most important tool in the freelancers’ arsenal. When it comes to video editing, there are so many different video editors available on the market today. The problem is that some of these editors can be very expensive, while others don’t have all the features you might need. Here we will present five of the best-paid video editing software solutions available for freelancers in 2023 – these solutions range from beginner-level to advanced and have a variety of useful features that will make your life easier.

  1. Adobe Premiere Pro: Adobe Premiere Pro offers an extensive range of familiar tools that make it one of the most widely used software for casual to professional Editors and Freelancers alike. It provides reliable, creative tools with an advanced, user-friendly Premiere Pro interface, high-fidelity color correction, and precise audio control, making it one of the top video editing choices for any pro video editor or casual live streamer, ensuring maximum productivity and smooth workflow. It also offers subscription plans which are great for those who want access to Adobe’s entire library without having to purchase multiple products or license types individually.
  2.  DaVinci Resolve StudioThis high-performance color grading and digital film production program from Blackmagic Design is renowned among Professional Editors and filmmakers worldwide as one of the leading post-production systems available. DaVinci Resolve Studio provides powerful yet simple tools that make creating videos easier than ever before – from dynamic motion graphics compositing tools to advanced noise reduction capabilities, editors can take full control over their clips in a way never seen before with this specialized software package.
  3.  Final Cut Pro X: This powerful all-in-one video editor is designed specifically for Mac computers running macOS High Sierra or later versions and has become increasingly popular amongst professionals due to its simplicity to use together with its wide range of powerful features such as 4K resolution export capabilities, a huge library selection including project templates & royalty free music Library selection & streamlined color grading tools that help bring amazing visual display effects within reach even when working on lower budget productions making Final Cut Pro X ideal for low budget freelance projects.
  4.  Corel VideoStudio Ultimate: Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2020 takes advantage of all aspects of completing projects within deadlines while still providing users with efficient workflows which help them save time along with providing users with special effects/color grading options allowing even inexperienced freelancers to stretch their skills beyond what they would otherwise be able to create without access to such options helping create professional looking videos faster cheaper than ever before in addition CUDA/OpenCL support enhanced workflow by allowing offloading tasks onto GPU for faster processing.
  5.  Avid Media Composer: One of the most popular professional media management applications used by television networks worldwide, Media Composer is highly respected by studios worldwide due to its ability to assist professionals in keeping their media organized, quickly performing edits, and generating visual effects allowing them to stay ahead schedule while offering more creative freedom at the same time – too bad Avid media composer comes with fairly expensive perpetual license adding up thousands of dollars quickly when aimed towards getting more personalized customization unlocking more features.

Big takeaway

The big takeaway when choosing the best video editing software for freelancers in 2023 is to choose the program that fits your needs and budget. There are various options available, ranging from free programs to professional-grade suites with advanced features.

Ultimately, you should make sure the software you choose is user-friendly and capable of meeting your specific production needs. It’s also important to consider factors such as device compatibility, customer service, and support, scalability, export formats, plus other key features that may be beneficial for your workflow. Ultimately, you should find a program that is easy to use yet robust enough for projects of any size.